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Dystopian Dichotomous Distraction

August 31, 2020

Not even with doublespeak

(45 can barely speak English

Let alone newspeak….. although

It is based on limited vocabulary)

45…. (Which would be bigly bad)

That’s doubleplusungood for his base

Close enough for programmed robots

Afraid and depleted of rational thought

Not all of them, but enough of them


The current administration is

Making projections of fear

Of what may….may happen

That there will be lawlessness

Chaos and blood in the streets

An economy in shambles

The impossible removal of God

If he does not maintain power

Meanwhile all of the shitty shit

Is happening now….. on his watch

Golfing rounds while Rome burns

Saying he is all for law and order

While defying and defiling the law

Against him …….. that’s an order

Under a transcontinental tent

P.T. Barnum has unhinged

His casket digging his way

To the surface to catch

This freaky of all freak shows

He never could have imagined

Racists biggots tramps & thieves

Narcissism nepotism and negativism

As such a bizarre main attraction

In this three ring circus observed on


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