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No Last Straw Left

October 1, 2020

To break the camel’s back

45’s water carriers

Will take any load

Across a desert of lies

In search of their mirage


6 Bankruptcies after

Conveniently switching

To pro life to get elected

Misogynistic behavior

Clear and disguised racism

Braggart of infidelity

Tricked taxpayers to build a wall

By saying neighbors would

Banned religions from entering

The supposed land of the free

Caged children cause they’re brown

Violated/ing emoluments clause


Tax fraud

Spewed over 20,000

False and misleading claims

Specializing in self serving pardons

Failed “University” of

How to be successful


No irony there

Charity theft

Considers military personnel

Suckers and losers

Wouldn’t / doesn’t know

The content and content

Of the bible if Jesus himself

Read it to him because

45 is not mentioned in it and

Apparently if you don’t want

The bully to beat you up

He is to be cheered on by

His mindless minions

To afraid to be themselves

Without touching the hem

Of the golden garment

Of fame and celebrity

Allegedly doing anything to

Save a fetus unless they are

Out of the womb and catch

Covid-19 then they can jolly

Well go #uck themselves

They were going to die anyway

Like we all are….eventually


If the one thing he accomplishes

Is peace in the Middle East

It will be because they will be

Backslapping and smiling so much

Laughing and guffawing at us

So hard they won’t be able to

Aim or hold their weapons


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