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Look…..Both Ways

October 8, 2020

Look Mike

You can’t have it both ways

Nevermind you are a Republican

Within 15 minutes or so

During the VP debate

Mike was touting

The accomplishments

Of 45’s administration

Of named Generals

That were murdered

Under tRump’s “authority”

Shortly after that declared

How “Pro-life” * they are

You can’t have it both ways…..

Nevermind you are a Republican

So what this means is

As long as you wear fatigues

Camouflaging as

Abortion performers

You can kill fetuses with faces

All paid for with tax dollars

(You know…the people’s money

Tanks drones sniper rifles

Euphemisms for scalpels)

If you wear a white coat

And perform abortions

Of faceless fetuses

Occasionally using tax dollars

(You know…the people’s money)

That that “murder” is against the law

You know who “should”

Have been the moderator

Jesus that’s who

Maybe then Mike would

Not have talked over the

Moderator (a female) or

His “opponent” (a female)

To make his ludicrous

Hypocritical points

I’d prefer an angry Jesus

Taking an opportunity to interrupt

Declaring he did with his body

What he chose to do with it

When he could have done otherwise

Therefore women should

Have the same choice

As daughters of God

Instead of being legislatively

Controlled by mostly men

That maybe if they weren’t

Constantly subjugated by men

They would have the esteem

To recognize which gardner

Would be best suited

To plant seeds in her garden

Which is not the way this

Patriarchy would have it

* Prior to running for president

45 was positively pro choice

Who switched to the pitiful platform

To placate the republican religious right

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