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A Weak Argument

November 6, 2020

A convoluted notion
That a “career” politician
Is supposed to have
Accomplished anything
No one has
Including me or you
Speaking for myself
At my job / career
In thirty five years
Of driving, I’ve driven
Around Two Million
Miles almost entirely
Incident / accident free
That’s hardly an accomplishment
When it is what is expected
Shuffling scheisse back and forth
Across the interstate…does what?
(Though each time I try to do it
Safer, more courteous and kinder)
What can anybody accomplish
That will not need to be
Re-accomplished by others
This is when you realize
There is nothing to accomplish
Save spiritual enlightenment
And that is not going to happen
Not as a human being it’s not
Not while the spirit
Is in the machine
So arguing that “Joe”
Hasn’t accomplished
Anything in 47 years
He should just agree he hasn’t
Except adapt grow and evolve
Into a better person kinder more
Evolved, inclusive, that serves
(By the way, that is all we are here for)
(I don’t know if he has, it appears so)
No offense, but let’s say
Doctors do not accomplish anything
Except try to heal the sick and wounded
In lifelong careers of always “practicing”
Not one doctor has ever caused
Anyone to achieve immortality
So what did 45 do in 47 years
Except fail at every venture
Casinos….I don’t know about you
I have always left with less
Money than I put in
What is left behind goes to
The “State” then the “owners”
What happened there?
Did the State take too much
(He “should”…….sue them)
Schools, steaks, wine, marriages
And don’t kid yourself
He failed at real estate too
Otherwise he would not be in hock
To “foreign” banks and other “entities”
45 is excelling at the Presidential
Liar leader board 22,000 thus far
Speaking of “leader boards”
Isn’t he knows for cheating at golf
Of which he promised not to play
While pretending to be president

As long as I’m presenting useless
Information to sort out what are some
Weak arguments over accomplishments
That is if you’ve read this far


A game many people play
Some of which are professionals
The goal is to get as
Many points as possible
Playing from 301 to Zero
Usually by hitting the “bullseye”
Even the players who have played
For 47 years are shy of their mark
So if a professional dart player
After 47 years of playing
Doesn’t win every time
Should they just not play
After all that time
They have accomplished nothing

Especially when someone comes along who has never played darts, tells everybody he is the best dart player. Doesn’t even aim for the bullseye , convinces his supporters the board is rigged. That he hit the board and that is what counts. Blah blah blah, you get the idea.

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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