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November 27, 2020

Are much easier to remember

As most all of society participates

In perpetuating said untruths

E.g. a book written and rewritten

Translated from ancient languages

Revised and regurgitated

Describing an impossible past

Of how your ancestors appeared

Before being maliciously drowned

Having been left to their own de-vices

Fought battled and died horribly

For no particular reason save

Acquisition of land and power

Though land “ownership” is impossible

(Can’t take it with you when you die)

And no one has a “right” to it

Anymore than anyone else does

Save by printed pieces of paper

That say so and who owes who for it

To the tune of trillions of Dollars

Euro’s Francs Pounds Lira Yen Rupi

Dinar Pesos Shekels Kohns Rubles

Likewise a “Constitution”

Written then altered in such

Vague language it needs

Nine rotating alleged experts

Adorned with “Supreme” monikers

(Not fair compassionate or reasonable)

To constantly and continuously

Decipher and reinterpret

Through debate and denial

Extended into government

Systems of rules and laws

Who can kill who or what

With impunity or incarceration

Under a deceptive and supposed

Inclusive notion of “We the people”

Though right off the bat it didn’t

Even include 1/2 the population

Plus dismissed anything less than

Caucasian as being less than people

Of course one could say it has been

Modified to correct inequities but

Not so you would really notice it

Any more than painting an old car

That runs poorly but looks ok

Hiding its truth to everyone

Refusing to look under the hood


“And That’s the Truth”

– Lily Tomlin

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