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December 9, 2020

Are a circular catch 22


No matter where
The story starts
As it is presented
Has a story
Behind it
Has to be
Proven by a
Process of elimination
Whether it be
Once upon a time or
In the beginning or
In a galaxy far far away
There is always a prior
Background background
While it may seem that
A story starts at zero
There is perhaps an out of
The realm of the picture a
– :01 or even an – aeon, 325 years
20 days, 17 hours 58 min :30
So to speak prior prior
In time context and content
Location and persons which
Both have understood archetypes
Seasonal fluctuations such as
If the story initiates in the winter
The known time-line event was fall
Not a non sequitur season
You’ve never heard of even though
Tbey seem to all blend together now
Likewise there is no end either
While the author may stop
Presenting their fact or fiction
Doesn’t mean the reader has to
In their mind to accept the “conclusion”
Where do you think
Sequels and “pre”quels come from
The infinite mind that is where
Just like you without beginning
Or “ending” …………
Like this one
Which on the part of this aspect
Of this puny player
With an infinite mind
Within the infinite mind
Is “stopping” ……”here”


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

From → Bible, Paradox, random

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