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Guilt By Association

January 6, 2021

Any whisper hint insinuation or innuendo

That one silently applauds Don’s doings

All the way up to a MAGA hat wearing

Kool-aid drinking Fox watching devotee

Praise be to Jesus disguised as Donald

That 45 is the be all end all in politics

By association are guilty in that

If it were themselves they would do

The exact same thing he has done

Should be ashamed of that notion

Assaulting women caging children

Obstructing Justice telling 20K + lies

Restricted travel based on religion

Ignoring a health crisis as a cold

Golfing as he said he never would

Instead of leading like he said he could

Directly provable election meddling

(I heard some of that phone call.)

(Did you?) Helping no one but himself

As they post and praise his petulance

Joining in the chorus of criers that if

He didn’t get his way neither did they

Boo Hoo and they too are complicit

In not reigning in abhorrent behavior

Disguised as alleged leadership

Which ultimately has nothing to do

With him just a small but focused

Portion of our collective psyche

That has found an outlet in an empty

Hologram entertaining and enraging

The masses who would otherwise

Be taking care of their neighbors

Loving their loved ones and making

This world a better place for all

But nooo ’tis easier to stay engaged

In the distraction diminishing divinity

Then to think and create new ways

Of evolving into a harmonious species

That associates peace and sharing

As a birthright to all that has been

Spawned from Gaia consciousness

Thereby being innocent by association


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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