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How To Behave

January 21, 2021

Like a good conspiracy theorist
Keep your thoughts to yourself
Even if someone chimes in with
Concepts you might agree with
Or have the courage to disagree
Say nothing except hmmmm interesting
Otherwise before you know it
The speaker and other listeners will
Gather to extrapolate further on
Stuff they heard and over heard
Gleaned from reliable sources (maybe)
Because of someone they know and
Like trusted them with that information
Or broadcast again till it sinks in
Then just so they don’t forget it all
Will start writing it all down on paper
Editing to fill or reduce depending on
The agenda they wish to set at the time
With vague language to be interpreted
By self described experts who studied
The manuscript that is categorized and
Numbered for reference to simply re-explain
What it means while getting some traction
Travel all over the world in many languages
Varied as cultures manifest their version
Till people start killing each other over
Their version of what started as silly
Rumors and heresay in the first place
The one word proof of such conspiracy is
And we certainly don’t need another one
Of those now do we or a new bible either
Will it be decades or millennium before
In honor of 45’s contrived martyrdom
As a symbol of his supposed sacrifices
That he will be hanging between two flag
Draped flagpoles by his Twitter thumbs
So his worshippers of a false god have
Something to hang around their neck
Forever clinging to the divisive albatross
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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