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February 5, 2021

Even though it starts
With a “C” and ends
With a “y” turns out
The “I love my “Country”
People are really the
“I love my Celebrity” crowd
Keeping a childish
Childlike view of the world
That it is best to hear
What is going to happen
Then what actually does
Believing it is better to have
A wish in both hands
To rub together than knowing
What they have is
A wish in one hand
Fecal matter in the other
Realizing if they want
What they want
They are going to have to
Get their hands dirty
While understanding
No matter what
They may never
Get the blood off their hands
I am only an air ride seat
Psychologist however methinks
It stems from many unfulfilled
Parental promises that never
Came to fruition
But since it was “daddy”
Who was making the declarations
There will always be hope
That seems to be the difference
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

From → dark, Paradox, random

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