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March 1, 2021


F#&%ing up

One planet

Is just not

Good enough


Going to Mars

Better known as


“Earth Attacks”





And just to wind up this little group of complaints finally this is a group of social criminals. These people in the space program. Nassholes. I call them.


In case you haven’t heard. The latest disaster for the rest of the universe is that the United States is going to go to Mars.


Okay, aw yeah. We’re going to go to Mars. And then of course. We’re going to colonize deep space with our microwave hot dogs plastic fake vomit and dog shit, cinnamon dental floss and lemon scented toilet paper and sneakers with lights in the heels and all these other impressive things we’ve done down here.


Let me ask you this, let me ask you this. What are we going to tell the intergalactic council of ministers the first time one of our teenage mothers throws her newborn baby into a dumpster huh?


How we going to explain that to the space people? How we going to let them know that our Ambassador was only late for the meeting because his breakfast was cold and he had to spend half an hour punching his wife around in the kitchen.


What are they going to think when they find out – it’s just a local custom – that over 80 million women in the third world have had their clitorises forcibly removed in order to reduce their sexual pleasure so they won’t cheat on their husbands.


Can’t you just sense how eager the rest of the universe is for us to show up? Can’t you see them out there?”


– George Carlin


Not really a betting person

However I would be willing to bet

That if we (earthlings)

Got our house (earth) in order

Made sure all were housed

Fed and had clean drinking water


Our space sisters and brothers

Would swing by in their

Multi dimensional space bus and

Offer us tours of their worlds


To see how they live as

Beings of light without

Fear greed revenge hate

Racism religion xenophobia

Consumption distraction

Borders walls and cages


Wait…… If we did that

We wouldn’t have to go to Mars


“I wandered home through the silent streets

And fell into a fitful sleep

Escape to realms beyond the night

Dream can’t you show me the light?
I stand atop a spiral stair

An oracle confronts me there

He leads me on light years away

Through astral nights, galactic days

I see the works of gifted hands

That grace this strange and wondrous land

I see the hand of man arise

With hungry mind and open eyes
They left the planet long ago

The elder race still learn and grow

Their power grows with purpose strong

To claim the home where they belong

Home to tear the Temples down…

Home to change!”


– RUSH “2112”

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