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No Explanation Necessary

March 3, 2021

I can accept what is

Such that the Cosmos

Dimensions and the mind

Are infinite in all

Directions and scope


While it is both cute

And useless to explain

Existence with a story

Such as the “Big Bang”

Or “In the beginning “


Everything “created”

Is created from what

Is already here just

Adapted from what was

Usually from thoughts


Perception and evolution

Needs desires and chaos

Antagonizing over the

Necessity of a protagonist

To keep all in balance


While the “stories” remain

The distractions continue

Placing fingers on theories

That are held together by

The indoctrination of beliefs


Substantiated by using fear

Images of intense heat more

Often than individual karma

Where the former is adjudicated

By an invisible man in the sky.


Who loves you but may have

You sent to be tortured if a

Vague set of metaphorical

Rules are not followed and

That only apply to you


The vehicle you occupy is

Only meant to get you from

Point A to no point at all

Because regardless you will

End near where you started


Maybe slightly more evolved

Understanding this dimension

With the insight you picked up

Along the way which always

Would be to first do no harm

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

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