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Lying Of Duty

May 11, 2021

Hold on for a bumpy ride
That goes nowhere…..not really
Lying Of Duty
In the line of duty
With the clever, yet deceptive
Incongruous slogan that
Does not match behaviors
“To serve and to protect”
Which plays well to the audience
Leading them to believe
It means “them” and not the
Corporate masters they serve
Quick example to illustrate
From a microcosm of the whole
Small town with one “Sheriff”
Simultaneously receives calls
From a bank being robbed and a
House of worship being vandalized
Both a mile away with equal
“Monetary” damage manifested
Where’s the Sheriff going?
Tick, tock, tick….you guessed it
Where the Sheriff’s money is
Buy, those who pay him, her or they
But hey, “they” are only doing the job
Society is asking them to, after all
Their “money” is in there as well
Even though they may find comfort
Solace and guidance in the other building
Or at least, compare clothing and cars
No matter that, they “need” money
Especially since they think they
Can take it with them, when…..they go
It does spot-light human values
Society is so deeply indoctrinated
Into believing that more enforcement
Of “Law and Order” will save the day
Protect them from the bogeyman
That itself has created by accepting
The dichotomous notion for one, that
Since nearly 50% of all incarcerations
Are drug related it reveals only that
“Illegal” substances (drugs) are bad
Yet, “legal” chemicals (pharmaceuticals)
Are good, by a fine line of which
Cartel wields the most power
Oh yeah, the pharmaceuticals with
High rise buildings, corporate logos
Fancy labs and sanitary conditions
Bank accounts and deep pocket insurance
Same small town example would
Apply to a singular fire station as well
With a drug den on fire or a legal lab
Equidistant away from the station with
The same amount of lives to be lost
Where is the firetruck going first?
I’m not trying to be all
Namby-Pambi about this
Haven’t the bipedal
Earthly artists
Evolved past the “need” for
………Look around
It’s not working.
Certainly did not work for George Floyd
For being under “suspicion” for using
“Fake” money, a counterfeit $20. bill
See what happens if the bank’s money
Is not being used, they don’t get their cut
Even though it is all “fake” in the first place
Back to George Floyd
Of which, in either side of nine minutes
An unintended audience was sadly
Metaphorically privy to a late term
Open air (poor choice of words)
Out of the womb abortion of a
2,392 week old grown fetus
Whose taxes also allegedly paid
For “service” and “protection”
Reiterating another empty slogan
For empty heads and hearts
“We do not serve or protect you
We are very blatantly a private military
Carrying out only the will of your
Capitalist ruling class
Fuck you and fuck poor people”
Author “Unknown”
It seems as though the
Proclivity of human nature
Is to do what it wants especially
Is if it is not “allowed” to do “that”
Not that the source can be trusted
However, it is in the bible saying
That God allegedly made a
Whole planet of food on
A giant sphere or according
To some an illogical flat earth
Loaded with edibles and
Gave the creations “freewill”
In order to be able to choose
Then said you can eat from
Every tree, except…….this one
Plus, just for fun, threw in
A “talking” serpent to entice
Hanging around the supposed
“Tree of Knowledge”
Who wouldn’t want to eat from that
Especially since no teachers
Were anywhere around
What was the first thing they did?
Yup, what they were told not to do
By an allegedly all powerful
Allegedly all “white” male
Which immediately turned into
Bizarre punishments for “his”
Allegedly beloved creations
I infer to allegedly as there is
Absolutely no proof only the use
Of misconceptions over millennia
Let me try and bring this
Roller-coaster cart safely back
To the loading unloading platform
(In case you want to ride it again)
You know how some people believe
They will have another beer
I believe it is our duty to behave like
The ascended masters spiritual teachers
Muhammad, Christ, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Confucius, Krishna, Carlin, Hicks
(Just seeing if you are paying attention)
Instead of believing a nicer kinder more
Humane Law En-“Force”ment officer is
Going to solve humanity’s “problems” with
WMD’s, body armor tazers and cameras
While “working” in their lying of duty.
“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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