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My Lips Are Tied

August 9, 2021

Of my own volition
But tied all the same
Which is why I write
Knowing my ability
To communicate is
Splattershot at best
In print it is easily legible
Still hardly decipherable
When attempting to orate
Find myself very irate
For what rolls in my head
When it comes out as said
Only makes sense if read
If not better left unsaid
Or at least in that form
Can be decided if norm
Logic is the basis
After laying out my aces
Putting the cards on the table
As best as I am able
Meaning might be exacted
If not too protracted
Laid out to be extracted
Once it is redacted
For that is why
My lips are tied
When the string comes loose
Words tend to be obtuse
Yes, blunt, insensitive and stupid
Which is how they can be interpreted
When not on paper or a screen
To ponder what they really mean
For they seem to trigger emotion
As vast and large as the ocean
Though have no boat to float on
‘Cept anger vessel that is never gone

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