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Plausible Theory Theory

November 15, 2021

As to why (some, not all….. but enough so it is noticeable)

Caucasian Christian conservatives
Want no part of anything
Called “Critical Race Theory” *

The theory being
Anything with the word
Critical in it
Is like kryptonite
To Superman


1. a
inclined to criticize severely and unfavorably”

Outwardly.  Ok.

Self reflection. Aaahhgghhh, wimper wimper.

What is that? What? Huh?

Critical thinking. (I don’t think so)

“1. c

exercising or involving careful judgment or  judicious evaluation”

Quick get it out of here / hear

Perhaps it should be called
Financially beneficial race theory

Or as my uncle taught me.

Everybody’s money is green

So, why in a world hell bent on crass consumerism greed pig capitalism, where everyone is a potential customer to everyone else would anyone want to disregard a potential customer simply by the color of their skin. Sounds like bad business.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

a group of concepts (such as the idea that race is a sociological rather than  biological designation, and that racism pervades society and is  fostered and perpetuated by the  legal system) used for examining the  relationship between race and the  laws and legal institutions of a country and especially the United  States.


Critical race theory essentially forces legal scholars to ask questions, she [Kimberlé  Crenshaw] continued. For  instance, why does possession of less  expensive drugs carry higher jail  sentences than more expensive  drugs? 

Could this have anything to do with the fact that more people of  color are in prison?

“It is a way of looking at law’s role …  facilitating, producing, and even insulating racial inequality in our country, ranging from health to  wealth to segregation to policing,”  said Crenshaw …”

— Columbia News

Apparently, society thinks if they can store their hatred in boxes (prisons), it will go away.

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  1. Steve permalink

    You make it so obvious. Thank you. I hope the people who need to understand this find your blog.

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