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Lost Bargain

January 27, 2022

If an advertisement compels
You to buy something because
It is on sale and you’ll save money
Simply by buying it, however it is
Not something you really needed
Or wanted in the first place……

You have not saved any money

All of the temporary good feelings
Will not return when you throw it out
Lest of course you are making room
To go out and buy more stuff, because
Stuff is on sale and…you’ll save money

Besides everything is always on sale
“Marked” “down” to increase sales

I observed someone purchasing
A small can of oxygen for $ 12.99
Doubtful it was for medical reasons
More likely because it was there
Reduced from $14.99 to $ 12.99

Seems like a modern day “Pet Rock”

Yoo Hoo McFly

You are breathing oxygen

How long before bathroom tissue
Gets renamed as coloring paper

So the price can be raised
To be discounted and
More can be sold

Because who doesn’t need more
Coloring paper that can quickly be
Flushed away…….

“Just an observation
Maybe I need
Different glasses”

Angelo Devlin

From → humor, random

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