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Coldly Detached

March 4, 2022

Or simply a realist

Upon responding

To an inquiry of

The Ukrainian

War distraction

Of how it affected me

Which was nil

Other than a faint

Blip on the radar screen

But, but, but it may turn

Into world war three


Which after mirroring

My own projections

(I’ll spare the boring details)

The inquirer realized it

Did not affect them either

Dawning on them that

It boiled down to…..

“I don’t mind about the war, it’s one of the things I like to watch, if it is a war going on. ‘Cause then I know then if our side is winning, if our side is losing.

Roger Waters

“What God Wants, part 1”

From “Amused To Death”

War or no war, I will do whatever it takes
To take care of my family
One of which is not expending
Any energy on something
I can do nothing about

Like if two squirrels were
Fighting in the forest over nuts
Who’s was whose or who
Had the “rights” to the nuts
Is not my concern

My guess is that maybe
The economy is faltering and
People are plum full exhausted
Of the perturbing pandemic and
In need of a different distraction
To maintain their wallets open
Keeping irrational fears at bay
With comforting consumption

Once distracted by scarcity to consume
Is replaced by better buy it now
While I’m still alive to purchase it
In case the latest bogeyman
Is around the corner with weapons
Gonna make me speak Russian
And buy useless shit with Rubles

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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