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Time Travel

April 6, 2022

Can occur

In the only

Place it can

The mind

Where everything

Is possible

Forward or reverse

I first discovered the invisible time machine at a restaurant, while sipping my coffee. Being my usual quiet self at our table, having nothing intelligent to say, or add. Noticed a table of an elderly, coffee klatch club.

The time machine beckoned me to concentrate on the faces of the four sitting near me. While watching their mannerisms and tone.

Observed, through an age regression perception, them go through a transformation back to their youth, while still sitting at the table.

Just like in the movies, using “time” lapse photography, CGI and the rapid night/day visual.

Next, saw the same people, now sitting at a “kids” table. Drinking juices instead of coffee.

Figuring out, went back about sixty years. To see them behave exactly the same, in smaller bodies and fresher faces.

The alpha then/now was the alpha now/then. Talking and taking over the conversation with grandiose self importance. The timid one smiling and noding, the other two getting in what they could.

Then with a clink of a fork, was brought back to the present, yup, same kids, back in their worn out bodies and wrinkled faces. The trip took all of fifteen to twenty seconds. No one around me, noticed I was “gone”.

Realizing, as by writing this, the whole restaurant section went through this warp. To the “ages” of five through about nine. Which is good, so the grandkids didn’t disappear.

Post, observing my self, amongst my group/family, am too basically the same. In my own little world trying to think of something intelligent or useful to say.

“I don’t fit in anywhere, man, I really don’t.  I don’t agree with anything either, not even what I just said so, think you see the problem here. Stranded without a clue.”

– Bill Hicks

Then or now, this is neither my time or place to be here. That perhaps is a little egotistical, projecting myself in a future or a past, knowing neither exist. Trying to realize what purpose I serve, that could not be replaced by a commoditized cog in an unstoppable wheel.

Which is where “we” are at..

“Too many people
Causing too many
Problems, not enough
Love to go around.”

– Genesis

“Land of Confusion”

Nothing that I have ever written or said has slowed that down one iota. My only saving grace is that I never contributed to the problem in this land of confusion.

“Time” will only tell.

“I left no litter behind.
That’s your problem.
I’m treating this planet like
The fucking rental car that it us
And I’m turning it in trashed
With a bumper hanging off
Fuck your insurance,
Fuck the environment,

I didn’t ask to
Be here.

Someone created me.
Yes, I know that’s a selfish

It’s a selfish thing.

But you know what?

I’ve cared about other stuff,
And, yeah, me not caring about
Stuff, will, affect it as much
As me caring about stuff,

Which, is none.”

– Doug Stanhope

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  1. earnest permalink

    Wow! You tell stories too. Very compelling.

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