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Your Thoughts

April 19, 2022

Like any other
Sub-par mediocre
Audible observationalist

One could easily notice
A phonetic phenomenon
Ouroborosly occurring

On alleged news shows
Where the host plays a “clip”
Of a recorded event

To their guest of relevance
On the topic at hand
Irrelevant to reality

Usually of what
Somebody said
To someone else

Then tosses a closing question
For their “expert” opinion
With the tag line “your thoughts ?”

To which they are
Getting paid to give
Providing empty content

Compensated by consumers
Through advertising dollars
By buying seller’s trinkets/services

Regardless of the topic
The opinion is presented
For the consumer to ponder

Which is its only intent
Pondering opposing or aligning
Redundant regurgitated opinions

In other words
Nothing is getting done
Changing or evolving

Save exhausting breath
For the sake of breathing
With auditory emanations

Instead of getting
The guest’s actions by
Probing a little deeper

With a real question like
What are you doing
To “solve” this dilemma?

Reciting their plans
Is another version of
Doing nothing

Until the camera crew
Follows the interviewee
Around to “work” a “shovel”

Remember they have done
Nothing whatsoever except
Stir your simmering thoughts

Usually towards the negative
Directed at an invisible group
Chosen for the “Two Minutes Hate”

It takes to bring you back
After the commercial break
To pay the “Talking Heads”

Millions of dollars being coy and clever
Using hidden ear pieces to convey
The hyper importance of nothing

…………….Your thoughts?

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  1. Christopher permalink

    You nailed it

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