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Eloquent Wax

May 9, 2022

Dripping from the radio
Melting the mind from
Rationale reality by
Changing perceptions
Of none paying attention

Heard an ad on the radio
Of a “new” way to buy a car ?????

Am paraphrasing since I have no transcript
It sounded something like the following

Are you tired of the old way
Of buying a car, looking for a better way
Come on down to your local X dealer
Where you can select a vehicle
From our fine selection of new
And previously owned (used) cars
Where our highly trained staff
Can guide you in your choice
Then have you test drive it
To close the deal with financing

Oozing out of the throat of the
Deep voice, voice over guy, like warm
Honey infused with rose petal sprinkles

HF, that sounds like, how I bought
Every vehicle I have ever had

I should reveal what company
Approved the ad since it was such
Fucking Overly Ridiculous Drivel
But am not one to give free
Advertising good or bad

I suspect it is geared to the
Twenty somethings who are old enough
Not to have their parents negotiate a deal
Which they can no longer do anyway

“Price not negotiable but payment is
Different junk man different junk
Spend some money buy some more”

– John Trudell

I guess I just miss the days that with
A little bit of mind and financial leverage
One could broker a fair deal
For both the buyer and seller
Satiating a sale and transportation

Nope, not today, just figure out your
Monthly payment for 60, 72, 84 months
Or lifetime, whichever comes first
Turning it in to a lease agreement
Which you now know is a fleece agreement

In a propelled comfort cage of protection
Sustaining an artificial environment for
The duration of one’s short trip
Neither too hot or too cool
Built for comfort and evolving towards
Autonomous hands off driving

Oh oh, this is taking a turn

For when looking in the “rear” view mirrors
It mirrors autonomy and anonymity of being
Eliminating awareness, creativity and thought
Just another cog in the corporate wheel
With shiny safe travels for the road ahead

Having been given a coat of eloquent wax

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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