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It Is Not The Machines

June 8, 2022

That cause dehumanization

It is the regurgitation
Of misinformation
That strips humanity
Of its own divinity

Everywhere you turn
Images and information
Telling you that you
Are not enough as you

Cycled ad nauseam
Like an unbreakable
Machine against
Mind and spirit

Unless you believe this
Or buy this and that
Along with more of each
Every moment of every day


Your brain is full
Your wallet emptied

Leaving no room in one
For you or your sacredness

Or anything in the other to
Actually take care of the you
That is the divine you

A miraculous coagulation of
Cells appearing in humanoid form
Examined carefully
Are not where or what
They appear to be

Transferring waves into
Particles and vice versa
Converting O into CO2
Nutrition in to waste
Without gears or wires

In less time than a blink
Of an eye that can not see
The nose on your face

(You checked didn’t you)

But stars and planets
A billion miles away
Yet still not see the
Forest through the trees
Or bottoms of oceans
Up to seven miles deep

The following is useless information
To vaguely prove the theory
It Is Not The Machines

The machine ( a supercollider ) it takes to prove that matter doesn’t exist, only serves to prove that the machine doesn’t exist.

“Can’t feed the people
But we can feed the machines.”

Neil Peart  “Rush”

“The following statement is true.
The previous statement is false.”

George Carlin

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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  1. St. Francis permalink

    Everything we’re surrounded by is constantly trying to convince us that we are worthless and shouldn’t be alive and we’re told that the only way to combat that is to buy more meaninglessness. And then all the people around us buy into it and so they treat us and demean us as if we were worthless because that’s how they feel and just want to be first to the punch.
    Such a depressing game.
    So, how do we not play it? To love each other is the greatest act of rebellion in this toxic culture of self-obsession.

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  2. The game changer then must be to love one’s self first, foremost and always.

    “Love yourself, Love your God, Love your neighbor, because you’re all basically the same person. We just don’t have uniforms yet, that’s all.”

    – George Carlin

    SNL ’75 “Live opening”

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