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July 25, 2022

“Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, if he gets angry, he’ll be a mile away and barefoot.”

Jack Handy

But what if instead, one actually put on those shoes, at least metaphorically. Especially when it comes to racism, genocide, sexism and discrimination.

This has come about after briefly listening to a talking head, rattle on about a something being an other than a “white” person problem. Dismissing it, for that very reason.

Which alone isn’t very objective for an alleged facts only newscaster, rather an opinionater. Regurgitated ad nauseam bestowed upon them as okay, by their false (45) profit. (An intentional misspelling)


“And when we gonna learn to try on Someone’s shoes sometimes? (That’s right)
When we gonna start to see
From someone else’s eyes?

I think it’s time to come together,
You and I can make a change
Maybe we can make a difference,
Make the world a better place
Look around and love somebody,
We’ve been hateful long enough”

Tim McGraw / Tyler Hubbard

I was going to put on a black person’s shoes, but when I reached down to put them on, instead, felt the cold steel, shackled to my wrists and ankles. Trying to rub the pain away, under the scars and calluses.

Next, put on a pair of moccasins, only to find my self ready to cry a river, that would still not wash away the trail of tears.

Then I put on a pair of high heeled pumps, wondering why I would deform my spine to conform to some sexist societal standard. While bearing the weight of the world and children.

If I briefly walk tiptoed, I get irritated.

Finally, put on a gay/transgender person’s shoes only to wonder why anyone would concern themselves, with what I did with the rest of my body to share it consensually with whomever I chose or felt so inclined.

Reluctantly I offered up my shoes, but everyone refused, for the shoes have been used to trample the downtrodden, kick the innocent, step over dead bodies, while climbing the ladder of success and worn out for running away from too many problems.

“There ain’t a white man in this room that will change places with me — and I’m rich!”

“That’s how good it is to be white.

There’s a one leg busboy in here right now going “I don’t wanna change, I’m going to ride this white thing out, see where it takes me.”

– Chris Rock

“Like I say, religion is a lift in your shoe, man. If you need it, cool. Just don’t let me wear your shoes if I don’t want ’em and we don’t have to go down and nail lifts onto the native’s feet!”

– George Carlin


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