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August 22, 2022

Creationism VS Evolution
Spirituality VS Science
Belief VS Speculation
Un-provable VS Improbable

The useless educational debate is whether to or not to teach Creationism VS Evolution.

Preferably neither, when it comes to blindly and blatantly indoctrinating divine factory fresh vehicles, carrying souls into deadly dichotomous destruction based on nothing but competing theories, yet being in print, so it must be “true”.

How about……. Since everything is happening all at once, energy cannot be created or destroyed. That alleged institutions of education, rather than indoctrinating a corporate or religious agenda, instill WONDER.



1a: a cause of astonishment or admiration
1b: a miracle

2 : the quality of exciting amazed admiration

3 : rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience


1a : to be in a state of wonder
1b : to feel surprise

2 : to feel curiosity or doubt”

Instead of an invisible dude, living in the sky who, by repeated, revised, written and rewritten accounts, created earth with night lights and day lights. After hovering over waters that theoretically couldn’t be there in the first place. Hmmmm.

Which is as un-provable as, everything came from a baseball size mass and with one big bang, spread out into the infinite cosmos with a quadra-tetri-google-gazzillion amount of stars and planets that there is no end to.

“Let’s just think about this for a minute”

– Bill Hicks

Using intuition and introspection along with wonder, will reveal how ridiculous both sound. What harm could come from guiding newly arrived divine beings from another dimension that everything that is…..just is, always is. It merely changes shape, by transferring back and forth between kinetic and stored energy. Being waves or particles by merely being viewed by a viewer.

That without either theory crammed into their cranium, are just as wise as their alleged teachers pretend to be and are actually here for us to learn from. If we would only listen.

“Let’s just think about this for a minute”

– Bill Hicks

Children say the darndest things, and if one is listening, can determine their perspective has not been gleaned from anything or anyone in their surroundings since they’ve been born. Guess what? They brought it with them.

Unfortunately, since it may not make sense to the alleged adults, it gets dismissed or discarded. Refraining from sharing any further wisdom, we probably need to hear.

The first two things that would get tossed out the educational window would be religion and possessions. Both here now, but viewed differently, would disappear.

Unless Science accidentally stumbles across “the end of the universe” where in between all the vacuums of galaxies and black holes it discovers absolutely nothing at the “edge”. We ought to teach from what is actually known. In its thinnest interpretation could be considered “facts”.

While religions confess, all their bs is made up to control primitive people, which keeps getting altered to cover previous released bs. To raise funds to build tax shelters and God approved jets and mansions.

As for possessions, how can one own anything, knowing that when they return to a different dimension, they can not take anything with them. Hmmm?

Think of the quantum leap we could make in our collective intelligent evolution if we were not bogged down in bogus beliefs, diabolical disinformation designed to distract divine beings in this dense dimension. It would be like growing an extra mind thumb, that we might be able to grasp new realities and start using the other 90% of our brain.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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