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Death Debt

August 29, 2022

First up, money does not exist*. It is an implement of manufactured consent, used to barter exchanges. Usually time for money, then money for possessions. When neither exist.

Save for the arbitrary mental manipulation that if you want to “own” something, you will have to “work” for it. Giving twenty five or so percentage of it, for the privilege to do so.

Pssst. (Hint.) If you can’t take it with you, you can’t own it.

When we all could be working to make sure everyone is housed and fed, with clean drinking water. Nah, we don’t want to “own” that. We’ll leave that……up to Jesus.

Nudnicks are coming out of the woodwork to regurgitate what was repeated on Faux news, without thought or comparison as to real debts that will have to be paid. Crying and whining to no one who will listen due to school loans being forgiven. Boo hoo.

With viral memes expressing soap opera sentiments like.

“Congrats to everyone who didn’t have college debt. Now you do”. Or “Just to be clear, there is no plan to eliminate student debt. There is a plan to transfer that debt to those that don’t owe it.” Waaah.

Who is going to pay the death debt to the Karmic cashier, for all the human deaths that occur from state sanctioned murders of Sovereign citizens, for cheap, blood on our hands resources. Filling our tanks and making batteries, that we may work. While destroying the home we live in/on.

Executions of slow adults who may not have understood their actions, or random racist murders of unarmed black people, strictly for being black. Hmmm?

To which as taxpayers we are all witting and unwitting accomplices. Guessing the collective is going to let Jesus catch that debt too. When the fuck, are we going to be responsible for our self’s? Jesus, has to be close to broke at this point, don’t you think?

How about all the invisible money given to corporations to make sure they remain solvent. Having already been built and maintained by the proletarian “work” force.

Like auto manufacturers and get this…banks. Ooops, almost forgot, we need cars to drive to work to pay the bank interest on manufactured “money”. Hmmm.

“This whole motherfucking economy built on a house of cards. First of all, you gotta get this shit, get that federal reserve back on a gold standard. What the fuck is that? We got government printing off Fiat currency.


It’s a *charade fiat currency. The consumer gotta understand, that the currency only have as much value as the consumer have faith in the currency, you gotta back that shit up with precious metal. 

Fuck Keynesian economic Philosophy.”

– Doug Stanhope

Meanwhile, we are driving by ourselves on shitty roads, that if the engineers whose debt we may have paid, could get to work on a solution for that, or high speed rail. Or some other form of public transportation, where one might be confronted with getting to know …………. themself.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

“Blood On The World’s Hands”

“Sometimes it makes me wonder
Sometimes it makes me question
Sometimes it makes me saddened
Always it makes me angry but…

When you can see it happening
The madness that’s all around you
Nobody seems to worry
The world seems so powerless to act…

It’s out of control
Blood on the world’s hands
Each day a new toll

Another assassination
The same day a new creation
But what are they coming into
Security of a world that brings…

One day another killing
Somewhere there’s someone starving
Another a savage raping
Meanwhile there’s someone
Laughing at us

It’s out of control
Blood on the world’s hands
Each day it goes on

Brutality and aggression
Tomorrow another lesson
Expecting another air raid
Praying for a ceasefire

They say things are getting better
No need to be complacent
There’s chaos across the border
And one day it could be happening to us

It’s out of control
Blood on the world’s hands
It’s our epitaph
It’s out of control
Someone should know
Blood on the world’s hands

Someone Should”

– Iron Maiden

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