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Money, Faith, Reality

August 30, 2022

Money can not buy faith, but faith can buy money.

If someone offered you a billion dollars to believe something you did not believe, you could not do it. You might be able to say you believe it, for the money. Yet, if the ability to spend it is, contingent on believing the paid for “belief”, you would have anything extra to spend.

Because, you would know, you didn’t believe something unbelievable to you.

Therefore, money can not buy faith.

However, the “money” you do have in the bank is non existent. It is represented by ink on paper, or digits displayed on a screen. Still, your “faith”, can “buy” that you “have” money.


2 b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof

“Pretty neat deal, huh? You know how we got it? We made the whole fucking thing up!”

– George Carlin

Seems a tad ironic, that the “money”, you do have, you don’t. That the money you could have, you can’t. Which, either real reality, is…….based on faith. Still, am quite sure, you can take that…… the bank.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Since my faith, tells me, I am wearing glasses in the first place.

Inspired by the last post, regarding money’s existence and listening to Brian Greene’s audio book “The Fabric Of The Cosmos” Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality.

To which, I’ve only started listening to. Or already know all the information inside, and am just listening to it as a reminder.

That’s another post, for another “time”, linearly speaking.

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  1. Hi Angelo. Just curious. I’m a Jesus-follower, and yet you’ve been visiting my blog for some years now (and I yours): Do you consider me one of those brainless, money-grubbing hypocrites you routinely rail against?

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    • Dear Mitch,

      I am grateful, you follow my blog. Only wish I could set aside more time to reciprocate with you and my other followers. I find your blog very positive usually with a very kind, humorous and balanced perspective on what you present.

      I am somewhat taken aback that you or anyone could read in my blog, the use of mean spirited bullying type language such as brainless, money-grubbing hypocrites.
      Quite frankly, when I first started blogging and discovered and followed your blog, it inspired me to take the high road in mine, knowing that, at anytime you might stop by.
      In my best perception, l make no intention to be in anyway vicious or mean spirited. Certainly not on this post, you have attached your inquiry to. Please guide me to any of my posts, that made you feel this way or come to that conclusion.
      As for this post Money, Faith, Reality, it merely makes the correlation of the power of, or any belief. Inspired by Brian Greene’s audio book mentioned.
      Which was a sort of part 2 to the previous post, Death Debt, which (you have now made me aware of, of not so nice language) I used the word nudnicks. The bigger point being, that money, technically doesn’t exist. Which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or religion.
      As long as I am trying to communicate a connection with you, I am glad you are a Jesus-follower. It shows in your words.
      My experience with Jesus is very limited, save having watched Jesus Christ Superstar and listened to the soundtrack over and over. Also, ironically enough, the positive messages I’ve gleaned from George Carlin and Bill Hicks, which are referenced often in my posts. WWJD? Etcetera.
      I believe that there is a Christ energy that can be tapped into at anytime, that, to my best understanding, Jesus is / was an Ascended Master who materialized as a human to teach ways to find the Jesus within. Elevate the consciousness of the whole, should enough people choose to participate.
      Long story short, if I have written anything to offend you, I sincerely apologize. Looking forward to continuing to read each other’s blog.
      Angelo Devlin

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    • Am still perplexed as to why you might have thought, I would “consider (you) one of those brainless, money-grubbing hypocrites (I) routinely rail against?”

      I must not realize that I “rail” against anyone, always keeping in mind that, when one finger is pointing, there are three pointing back at myself.

      I find topics and post titles that interest me, editorialize on those and move on.

      I have never used the words, brainless or money-grubbing on or off this blog. Hypocrite shows up twice, once describing Presidential flip-flopping March, 2020 and the other in a “Rush” song lyric. “Farwell To Kings”. August, 2018

      In the simplest of terms, I understand you are a filmmaker with a positive humorous blog. Beyond that, have made zero assumptions about you, your finances, education or personal behavior.

      My blog is essentially a digital diary, a place for my (mind) stuff, as it were. A pixilated print way for me to make sense of this world, in this dense dimension.

      (If it all disappeared now, it would make no difference, there is no agenda to alter anyone’s beliefs perceptions or attitude.)

      For example, in my latest post “Philosophical Update” I expound on my belief through examples, the improbable impossibility of the creation of the universe began from nothing.

      Therefore the point of this post “Money, Faith, Reality”, is that no amount of money, intangible or otherwise would alter that belief. That is it.

      Am curious what triggered, your query, so that I may put that content and context under a microscope and learn to communicate better.

      Thanks and hope to continue reading each other’s blog.



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