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Playing The Odds

September 22, 2022

Anyone else taking bets, that the “Back The Blue” vinyl stickers typically found on the back of wannabee monster trucks, is just a chip placed on the table, in the gamble of, if they get pulled over, there is a better than statistical chance it might prevent a ticket?

With the bigger the sticker, the higher the odds? Even though none of the money inferenced as support goes towards actually supporting the police, but rather towards the “House” of the owner of the sticker making company?

Or are people such megalomaniacs, they have to ingratiate themselves to themselves by posturing where they stand in the quicksand of society by forcing you to read an empty message, as thin and weak as the plastic it is cut from?

Vain, empty, soulless drivers in self-driving vehicles, powered by empty clichés and regurgitated slogans.

Maybe that autonomous car could swing by the library and drop off the driver to learn that it could truly be autonomous and not be controlled by weak outside facade forces. Such that stickers will not sway their swagger.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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  1. Keller permalink

    Preach it! I’m with you

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