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The Irrational Perception

October 6, 2022

Of freedom

Is confined to its

Inheritant limitations

By its given definitions

Words caging

Its very meaning

By specific description

Chained to each

Mysterious meaning

Chasing them backwards


“1: The quality or state of being free”

* –


“1 a : Peculiar and essential nature”*


“1 a : Mode or condition of being”*

“It’s not a free country. You’re born free…

I mean, you are born absolutely free, except for the laws of nature. If you drink, you get drunk. That’s a law. If you get old, you die. That’s a law too. If you sit on a tack, you will bleed from the ass.

These are the only laws they that you’re born with. And any kind of government just #ucks you out that type of freedom.”

– Doug Stanhope

Freedom ought to have the same definition behind it as meaningless. Nothing.

Not as in freedom is meaningless, rather unconfined by rational or irrational attachment to defining words.

Freedom by its very essence, without definition, is whatever the perceiver interprets it as.

Locking it down to a singular understanding incarcerates it more than a prison.

“It’s all about money, not freedom, y’all, okay? Nothing to do with fuckin’ freedom. If you think you’re free, try going somewhere without fucking money, okay?”

Bill Hicks

People peddle their freedom for security, like it is a currency on the exchange market. Trading it when the tide rolls in, or when the wind blows.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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