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No Thanks

October 25, 2022


Certainly not a blind blank

Blanket banal bump of

Farcical fawning

Antithetical appreciation

Grandiose gratitude

Laid out permanently

As random as insincerity

On the off off chance

The alleged recipient will

Get a warm fuzzy feeling

Of faux cranial compensation

Which is about the time

You realize the thanker

Really is the thankee

At least by who and what

Actually benefits for the

Thankless thanking

This all started with

A fueling franchise

That wants to thank

ALL Profesional Drivers

In all its advertising

That is a tad narrowcasting

Apprentice drivers buy fuel too

So do unprofessional drivers

Besides, what if driving is

Their profession but….

They are not very good or…

Discourteous and rude

That is not very professional

Now is it, is it? No it is not.

Still, based on definition

They are professional drivers

Upon further examination

The thanker is the beneficiary

Of the generalized gratitude

Since probably no one considers

Themselves an unprofessional driver

Giving that corporation

A slightly slight edge

Over the corporation

Thanking no one

Mi$$ing out on million$

For being so un-thankful

This incipient insincerity

Is increasing incrementally

By the banal bourgeois

For pseudo satisfaction

That some needs are being met

Through lazy laudations

Of ingratiating gratitude

Thank you for shopping at x, and scanning and bagging your own groceries thoroughly, propping up the bottom line by having fewer human redundancies, blah blah blah.

No thanks necessary. Have a nice day.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

See also “No Support” otherwise this would have been even longer.


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