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Happy One Day Clothing Day

October 31, 2022

Gone are the myths and mystery

Of All Hallows Eve

Replaced with meaningless

Plastic garments and

Nauseating decor as a

Cornucopia of consumption

For no actual recognition

Of the dead spirits with

Opportunities to say goodbye

“Halloween’s origins trace back to the Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced “sou-when”) when the veil between the living and the dead was thought to be thinnest and souls passed between realms.


At Halloween, the souls of the dead are thought to walk among the living, the living put on costumes and become other people or things, treats are passed between people, fires are lighted and food is shared — all aspects of transformation.”



Small malls temporarily set up to sell one day, maybe two day clothing. Not toward a ritual with any spiritual substance. Just the blackening of a businesses bottom line of arrogant disposable clothing.

Usually to send adolescents out on the cusp of darkness to stranger’s homes to seek sugary sweets that on any other day would be advised to stay away.

Which seems only to be a rudimentary step towards getting the young-uns to sit on a stranger’s lap. The living dead amongst us now, are what are better known as parents.

“Do you know the warm progress
Under the stars?

Do you know we exist?

Have you forgotten the keys
To the kingdom

Have you been borne yet
& are you alive?

Let’s reinvent the gods, all the myths
Of the ages

Celebrate symbols from deep elder forests”

“An American Prayer” (yeah, sure)

– The Doors

One Comment
  1. We indeed suffer from the rituals of meaning in this culture. Replaced with surrogates of real things. There is no lonelier place than trying to invent one’s own meaning, separate from the unified fabric of being.

    I hope your wisdom continues to wake us up!

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