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The Dahmer Dilemma

November 3, 2022

On the morose morality of

Cannibalism vs Carnivorism

When it comes to eating flesh

Chicken, pigs and cows ok

Bipedal earthlings…not ok

Seems slightly selfish, since we

Get to make the restaurant rules

Not looking to be the first

Man on the menu, however

It is a tad arrogant to decide

What is the next day’s delicacy

Under the guise of our “superior” ethics

“Another one of our amusing acitivities – cannibalism. Imagine that – chowing down on another human being. You have got to be all out of beef jerky. You have got to be really fucking hungry. But it happens, doesn’t it. Still happens to this day. Bunch of people, stranded in the wilderness, run out of Pop Tarts, got to eat something. Might as well be Steve. 

And how do you decide who to eat first? How do you decide who’s first on the barbeque rack? Do you pick on the little guy, because he’s skinny and he can’t fight back or do you all gang up on the body-builder because he’s got a lot of steaks and chops on him? These are things human beings have to consider.”

Ever wonder why we

Are so bloodthirsty

Killing is our second nature

Any excuse will do

Hunger, punishment, revenge

Convenience and “sport”

“Look at what we kill. Mosquitoes and flies, because they’re pests! Lions and tigers, because it’s fun!

Chickens and pigs, because we’re hungry. Pheasants and quail, because it’s fun, and we’re hungry.

And people! We kill people, because they’re pests… and it’s fun!”

– George Carlin

So much for religion’s motto

Thou shalt not kill…….


Which only seems to want to save the unborn, because it is convenient, likewise removing them is convenient. Seems to be a battle between conveniences. How convenient. Such a lazy, yet deadly species.

Like a collective Jeffrey, we know better, we just cannot seem to stop.

Should “we*” consider

*(me and the mouse in my pocket)

Why extraterrestrial intelligent life

Never makes its presence known

Methinks it might be when they

Stop by to visit the apartment 3S

3S (third rock from the sun) in the

Cosmological apartment complex

Better known as the Milky Way

The deathly decaying stench

Emanating behind the ozone door

Is waaaay too much to handle

Plus there is no Galactical authority

To report the murderous crimes to

Of the allegedly intelligent life here

Besides, the invisible authority

We did make up is contradictory

Unless drowning is excluded

As to that whole “Thou shalt not kill” theory

Guess it depends on what hat you are wearing

“You ever notice that? Any time you see two groups of people who really hate each other, chances are good they’re wearing different kind of hats. Keep an eye on that, it might be important.”

– George Carlin

“Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E,……….”

The Police

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