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Violent Voting Verbiage

November 8, 2022

All hail the American night!

What was that?

I don’t know

Sounds like guns thunder

– Jim Morrison

Is it any wonder the malignant media can use the veiled threat of violence in voting by condemning it, while using it in their rhetoric?

Media: Here we go out to our reporters, with their boots on the ground. In key battleground states, where the Blue or Red, is fighting for a victory. Knowing the casualty for all this, could be the loss of democracy.

As blah blah blah prepares to go up against the incumbent, who has fortified his position, with a deep war chest of negative campaign ads. Attacking their opponents, who shows no sign of retreating.

All the while, in the background with audio of trumpets, and striking sounds matching bright viuals like an explosion went off.

“Ever wonder why we’re #ucked up as a species?”

– Bill Hicks

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  1. DemoCrazy permalink

    Just received this postcard:
    “Who you vote for is private, but whether you vote is public record. Please join your neighbors and vote Tuesday November 8th!”

    And so many ads: ‘Democracy’s on the ballot! If you don’t vote for our party then you hate democracy’ Bloody hell. Hyperbolic much? Fascistic much?

    Enough people have commented on its creepy, malevolent tone. Others say ‘who cares! whatever it takes.’

    Seems like some just want to be at war wherever they can get it.

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  2. Will we ever realize….

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

    ― Mark Twain

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    • DemoCrazy permalink

      A tad pessimistic (or is that realistic?) but yes indeed. We’re all playing characters in someone’s ridiculous farce and we miss the Real Life we could be living, by taking the drama too seriously and the joyful comedy of it all not seriously enough.

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