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My Proof That God Exists

February 14, 2023

Is in that most special of all books and online references. Better known as the dictionary.

I tend to use the Merriam Webster version, since that is what version I grew up with and was indoctrinated into. However in a pinch, any dictionary will suffice in learning more about God / Words.

Which actually utilizes both religion and science.

Which if you have read this blog before, it uses the well worn quote / parable of John 1:1. Not so much to beat a dead horse as it is to recognize the elephant in the room. Seeing as how, if you follow it backwards, then something also, must have created God.

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

See…. Words / God have always existed infinitely. The building blocks of both religions and science.

Same goes for Science and its nauseous Big Bang Theory, which presupposes yet, ignores the obvious, that if everything began from something smaller than a baseball. Exploded to form the cosmos, then it too was surrounded by nothing. Which is still something.

According to science then, the proof would be, that if these words were to be read, in the vacuum of deep space, where there is “nothing”. Anyone would be able to read these words, say at arms length, because, even in that short distance of “nothingness” the light would transfer between the emanations and one’s eyes.

The irony is that when you hear or read an account from an atheist, that God does not exist. He/she/they are using God/Words proving that God exists.

A slight variation on the God vs. Man sand paradox, where men challenge God that they have the technology to make a man out of sand, (much as in the alleged beginning).

God agrees that he will step aside if “man” can pull this off. All excited they grab their box of sand to “create” a human being. When God ends it, by telling them, they need to get their own sand.


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