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Existence Explained

February 20, 2023

Things only come to existence via the words used to describe them. Think not…..then think of something, not yet defined by a word.

Don’t worry, I’ve got all day.


If you had no word for freewill, you would have more freewill, than the freewill you do have. Simply because it is shackled to a definition, you now cling to.

Exercising one’s freewill

Is merely a gesture to

Follow one of the following

Patterns, archetypes, others

Or imbedded indoctrinations

My best perception of a Michelangeloian man’s hand to God definition of freewill would be that, in this momentary instant, I could transport myself into a comfortable bean bag chair, floating in the vacuum of deep space to observe the cosmos.

Which, with imaginative perception I can. However, realistically I remain earthbound in this dense dimension. Held in cranial captivity to the patterns of breathing and not freezing.

All because of words that sustain and maintain my existence. To a certain extent must make up my existence, let alone everything existing.

Do I breathe, because there is a word for breathing? What powers this anthropomorphic vehicle I seem to be trapped in?

Better yet, why does it feel compelled to transfer redundant, go nowhere thoughts to this blog platform that only a few well appreciated followers take up their important time to read such nonsense?? Acknowledging my existence.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin


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