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Word Replacements

March 22, 2023

Not permanently, don’t worry

(No one is mandating the metric system yet)

Just long enough to think about

The context of ridiculousness

To which the following applies

Recently heard senator so and so

(In this case, they are interchangeable)

Was defending his racist policies

Because of his “deeply held religious beliefs”

Which is when that phrase

Seemed to give him an automatic pass

To the interviewer to accept that

With unquestioning legitimacy

Of ironically un-Christlike behavior

Hint: there were no Caucasians

In Bethlehem 2K23 years ago

Now there, for historical accuracy

Might be an image worth replacing

Interviewer: “Oh yes, society as a whole abhors your policies, but since you can preface them with words that defer to a conviction, based on nothing.

Save, generational indoctrination via many pastoral presentations, through book revisions, re-writings and translations from nearly dead unrecognizable languages, I won’t press the issue.”

However, instead of deeply held religious beliefs, they said they introduced policy because of a lightly considered Warlock dream they had, or anything else the interviewer would have read them the riot act.

Either, or both have the wrongfulness in the outcome of the morality towards treating fellow bipedal earthling artists, in a way that elevates and progresses our collective evolution, unfortunately the former goes, without question.


Because no one wants to question their own beliefs. That’s too scary. People would discover as Bill Hicks said:

“It is interesting to see how people act on their beliefs, you know what I mean. Because your beliefs are just that, they are just how you were taught and raised. That doesn’t make them real.”

I know my beliefs, are just that, beliefs. Which are as fluid and malleable to my surroundings and constantly in flux.

Which, thanks to Bill, need to be questioned infinitely as to how they apply in the treatment of myself (other people reflecting back, who I am) outside of my self.

“Now, believe is a word that I have a serious problem with, right, because it has a “Lie” in the middle.

“DNA” Descendant Now Ancestor

– John Trudell

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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