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May 26, 2023

“1. Having no shame : insensible to disgrace”


It is one thing, for one person to behave in such a shameless manner, that no circumstance will render remorse or register past, the abysmal well of narcissism.

It is another thing for people who have absolutely no connection to that individual, (one) to support and encourage such shameless behavior.

Especially since, for the most part, they themselves would never engage in such deceitful, horrific, pitiless behavior.

But first, one must consider with absolute compassion, the constant traumatic terror with which the aforementioned former president is constantly subjected to.

Forsaking any shred of human decency for the illusion that, as long as he hears his name mentioned, good or bad, attention is being paid to him.

The second group, better known as nillionaires, defending an alleged billionaire. Support, defend, argue on behalf, placard ridiculous signage and make contributions to.

Let me repeat that….. Nillionaires, (people with, barely any money……) sending money to a billionaire. All because they are unconsciously enamored by his celebrity and facade. Grifting, being his only successful endeavor, followed by being professional victim.

“I loves the poorly educated, I do well with the poorly educated.”

– Donald Trump

“Of course he loves the poorly educated and of course he does well with the poorly educated.

How else do you explain, how, a bragging narcissistic pathological billionaire, who is constantly telling you how much money he has, just throwing it in your face, ostentatious, I’m a billionaire, I’m worth billions. I have billions of dollars.”


And how else do you explain how a guy, a billionaire is able to get people who are suffering financially…

Of course he loves the poorly educated, a smart person wouldn’t do that.”

– David Cross

Which leads to some quirky characteristic, absentee daddy issues, supplanting an infamous father figure for an ideal situation, that doesn’t exist in the first place. Swinging by, on digital display, reciprocating, that he loves them, and will do anything for them. Save, not continuing his grift, to deceitfully extract monies from them.

Soon after, he disappears……to go golfing, and not with them.

It can not all be fake news, while his former attorney went to jail for tax evasion and campaign-finance violations. Of which he allegedly did at the behest of his boss.

From his long long term misogynistic behavior towards women as early as the ’90’s in Howard Stern interviews, to the Access Hollywood tape, admitting how with celebrity and wealth it’s easy to violate women, to his $ 5,000,000.00 liability for sexual assault. He still has female supporters. (Ladies, you’ll have to explain this one to me.)

Not just hearsay, but failed businesses, (what owner, loses money at a casino?) charity theft, tax evasion, inauguration fund theft, illegal classified document possession, election fraud, crime after alleged crimes, still with unwavering shameless support.

It would be one thing, if it was all just political attacking to smear an opponent. Too many people have paid the price for his shenanigans and will continue as long as people are willing to fall in his shameless shadow.

“Just an observation,
Maybe I need
Different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

“I’m shameless
I don’t have the power now
I don’t want it anyhow
So I gotta let it go

Oh I’m shameless
Shameless as a man can be
You could make a total fool of me
I just wanted you to know
That I’m shameless

I just wanted you to know
Oh I’m shameless

I’m down on my knees

You said
I feel shameless”

– Billy Joel

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