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Skin in the game

December 1, 2015

Truth in epidermis light reflecting and absorbing, bio bone and organ covering matter.

No person is even closely represented by the basic color “assigned” to them.

Those considered white, are at best, pink.

Or at least some variation of fuscia, blush, flamingo,  rouge, salmon, coral, peach, crepe, magenta or rosewood.

Using pink, would at least, perceptually alter the linguistic connotation that somehow white is pure, clean and without flaw.

Those considered black, are at best brown.

Or at least some variation of coffee, caramel,  ebony, taupe, mocha, carob, cinnamon,  brunette or tawny.

Likewise, using brown would at least alter the vocabulary notion that black is dirty, soiled or evil.

However,  a lot of bipedal earthlings like to keep things simple, which is fine, let us just make it more accurate.

Use brown for black and pink for white,  even if you are just hearing it, give your brain a little exercise.  Switch it up in your head.   Realize it might just change your perspective when you are hearing or watching a “news” report.  It would stop the diametrically opposed thinking.

Besides that, regardless of what the hue of the epidermis is, the talking and thinking species has been on this little 3 rd rock from the sun for about 14 million linear years. Perhaps,  if we can tweak the use of the language a tad, we might just make it another 14 million years.

It’s time to stop using words that are meant only to keep people separated and fighting amongst themselves.

I’m not looking to be right, but rather to be understood.


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  1. May I please have your permission to post this on my site? I hate the whole racism shit in this world. My mom taught me to judge (not the best word but the brain is tired right now) a person based on how they treat others. Simplistic, I know. Better than the whole “skin color” option though.


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