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December 4, 2015

My strength in anonymity is my cowardice in actuality.

I’m an observer,  I typically keep my mouth shut.  Except on the rare occasion when I’m in a jaunty mood,  throw caution to the wind,  and make a peep, or give my two cents worth, just because. Or, or, or…… writing a blog that I don’t expect anyone to read in the first place.

This blog is my only real participation,  besides,  I am very aware most people don’t want to hear most of it.

Not me, if I am messing up or being a hypocrite,  let me know, I want to evolve my thinking and behaviors.

Most of these observations fall under the Richard Bach category of “we teach best, what we need to learn most ourselves.” from “Illusions”.

Much like a “Peanuts” cartoon I recall.

Linus to Lucy;  Some people’s faults,  are pointing out others.

Therefore,  most of the criticisms are actually self directed as something I need to learn from,  more so than trying to “correct or alter” anybody else’s thinking.

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