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2 minutes hate

December 11, 2015

What, no would be 9 11 forgiveness.

France,  just another script from the Orwellian 2 minutes hate.

Haven’t we learned our lesson yet.

Forget the myriad of the almost simultaneous conspiracy theories, such as the “drills”, “for what would happen,  or how to react, if there were attack” attacks.

Someone usually attacks when they are hurting , let’s find out why, help them understand, and stop this nonsense.

No, the Pavlovian proletariat reactionaries are going to keep the fight going. ( not because it is warranted,  but because a bell was rung.)

Guess,  it’s Frances presidents turn to encourage shopping,  otherwise, “the terrorists win”.

But I thought Oceania was always at war with Eurasia? ??

Seems to me,  it wasn’t that long ago when “French fries ” were renamed “freedom fries” cause the unconscious masses ( during that extended 2 minutes hate )  were instructed not to “like ” France.  How convenient.

War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength.


War is ignorant

Peace is strength

Slavery is following the mass media,  reacting unconsciously, violent thoughts begetting more violent thoughts and violent actions.

Freedom is yours,  as long as you can get off the hamster wheel long enough to realize there is no enemy “out” there.

Not much news on the attacks in Kenya occurring about the same time.  Talk about keeping distractions focused.

Likewise,  on average in the United States,  92 people die every day in vehicles.  So in other words,  in 2.5 days about the same amount of people that died in France die on the road in the us.

Where is that focused uprising?

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