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Is that a fact ?

December 9, 2015

If an astrophysicist was on a witness stand and asked where they were on such and such date and time,  would the court be able to understand the answer?

Would anyone believe that person, or be able to prove otherwise?

See, not only is this planet spinning at a tilt on an invisible axis at thousands of miles per hour,  it is hurling through space at who knows how fast. That and time is an arbitrary notion of a bipedal earthling creation.

Not to mention, the waves and or particles that congregate simultaneously into the illusion of reality,  are gone the instant they appear.

Of course,  now I remember that if you have to explain a joke,  it’s not funny.

These are the things I think about while lying in my procrustean bed.

In other words,  trying to fit in where or when I don’t belong.


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