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Non-bio children.

January 24, 2016

Bill Burr Quote, as a “bit”  from “Let it go”

“That is why I don’t have any kids, I don’t.”

“I think it is irresponsible to be a complete maniac,

not work on yourself,

and then just have a kid,

and then just start downloading all of your fucked up thoughts,

on to their little pristine little hard drive.

You know,

You send ’em off to school,

with your little manifesto’s”

“They’re freaking out all the other kids at school”

“2 + 2, Timmy?

What did you get?”

“Daddy keeps cash in the wall because he doesn’t trust banks”      Bill Burr

Only helps prove not creating a child resolve.

“Why would you want to bring a child in to this world,unless you fixed it before they got here?

Angelo Devlin





Public bathrooms




Santa Claus


Easter bunny





Inevitable RFID







Systematic corruption

The “ills ” that people complain about,  are caused by too many people in the first place.  Yet, it’s the few that do something about it,  not the masses that create it.

“Too many men, too many people,

making too many problems, and not enough love to go around,

can’t you see this is the land of confusion.”

Genesis, from “Land of Confusion”

The best parent is no parent at all.

Works 2 ways,

of the wrong or knowingly bad parent,

not parent,

or the being that has no children at all.

(whew, boy that’s ego typing this, all for not impregnating anyone)

Quite frankly, I can’t even say, I’ve been a good non-biological parent.

Other than, loving their mother, just being here, and not abusing them.

When I first wrote this,

the theory behind the aphorism was to clarify the term non-bio children.

I don’t like the term “step” as it suggests something underfoot.

I noticed (that is what a good observer does).

Watching my non-biological children, raise their children,

I realize I would have done a vile job, as the Bill Burr quote suggests.

A very vile biological parent is not what this world needs.

I met them at the age where their “filters” were working well enough, to filter out most of my goofy and bizarre thoughts.

They do an incredible job, I stand back in awe and amazement in every circumstance they handle and tackle knowing full well there is no way I could even come close to their parenting skills.

Which of course comes from the silent homage,  they bestow upon their mother, by loving them and giving the best guidance they received.

Not having children, was my uselessly effective protest of all of society’s ills, by only myself reasoning .

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  1. “The best parent is no parent at all.”
    I can see your point here. Ironically, it reminds me of how I’ve made some of life’s biggest decisions. In short, the smartest thing I could have done was to give up my intelligence and enter into that unknown asymptote that you call humor and I call poetry. I’m not being very funny, so you probably won’t take me seriously, but you’re probably right about this: if people don’t do their own quest, then they probably aren’t mature enough to raise kids. There are some people though, who maybe don’t know much about the world and how to succeed in it, but they have worked on themselves, thus making it a better place.


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