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Use your Illusion

February 7, 2016

I think my poetic license expired .
Ok, it was revoked.  See below.

Use your illusion
Quantum confusion

How can it be
Under the microscope I see

A particle of something
magnified is nothing

I just want to know
Where did that quark go

Like a missing key, to my car
It couldn’t have gone too far

It’s really quiet,  it makes no sound
It might be anywhere for miles around

But wait, I loudly holler
I just found something smaller

I search and search to no avail
Can’t these damn things leave a trail

I’ll expand my search,  make it wider
I’ll use a super collider

I won’t get mad and start to rave
I should be looking for a wave

How can I believe in what I don’t see
If it is to be or not to be

This really is a daunting task
I just want an answer, that’s all I ask

If seeing is believing
It’s a headache, I’m receiving

I should stop this fuss and all this clatter
Really,  what does matter,  matter.

I must concede, I must deem
Nothing is,  as it seems

To prove anything would just be dope
For what makes up the microscope

I’ll end this poem,  I won’t be terse
The answer might lie in a multiverse

Inspired by Max Tegmark book “Our Mathematical Universe” audio book.

plus all the other info rolling around in my head.

From → humor, Paradox, random

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