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February 7, 2016

Who’s camp are you in?

I don’t know enough about either, to be in one or the other.

I know enough about both. not to be in either one.

Guess what,  there is no camp. Other than the one we are all in.  How would you get any rest and be at peace if you were fighting with the people in your tent ?

Regardless of what you believe or what the other person believes, what color anyone’s epidermis is, how tall or short they are. How much money they do or do not have in the bank, What invisible entity they believe in.

To put this in perspective, just “Imagine” the ozone layer as the transparent tent material.

While that may be the largest tent to be conceived of,  it is still our tent.

Time to get along with all the campers in the tent.

From → humor, random

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