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The Wrong of Right

February 8, 2016

Time for a new word.  Perhaps two.

Not sure what the word(s) should be.

For ideological leanings on the political spectrum.

Left and Right

It’s origins come from a seating arrangement in Frances parliament.


Typically, the antonym of left is right.

However,  the more common antonym of right, is wrong. (In more ways then one.)

It is a linguistic quagmire.

Conservative Right
Religious Right
Republican Right

Liberal Left

Consider for a moment,  what if the conservatives just happened to be sitting on the left?   Would that make the liberals right?

Besides, Left and Right are arbitrary,

depending on which side of the room you are facing.

Politics In America”  Rant in E-minor Bill Hicks

Preformed by Bill as one puppeteer.

“I think the puppet on the right,  shares my beliefs.

I think the puppet on the left,  is more to my liking.

Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding up both puppets.”

“Go back to sleep America your government is in control.”

Or as Lewis Black puts it:

A bowl of shit staring itself in the mirror.

Maybe the parties could be named shitone and shitwo.

Nah,  then they’d argue over who shit first or whose smelt worst.

Or Christopher Titus;

Democrats and Republican

Coke and Pepsi

Same crap different can.

We know we know that.

Yet we don’t do anything.

We drink it in anyway.

Just keep playing the game and passing down the insanity.  Hoping that this time the politicians will be honest and best serve the constituents.

Be the leader you’d like to think you’d elect,  that is how to vote. 5FM

Don’t do anything wrong,  and you can’t get caught.  5FM

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