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God as a snowflake

February 7, 2016

Remember that theory, that no two snowflakes are alike.

That seems to be the trouble with god.

There are over 7b interpretations of god. Still,  not quite as many interpretations as snowflakes.  Although,  perhaps,  as myself,  I too,  hold many interpretations.

None that include an old bearded male malignant judgmental cruel jokester prick.

Usually ones, that fit best at any given moment.  At least for arguments sake.

Some people could get buried under an avalanche and not see the snow.

Some people are in a place where there is no snow.

Some people are shoveling their snow onto their neighbors.

Some people are skiing.

Some people build their houses out of snow, whilst ignoring global warming.

Then ego gets involved.

My snowflake has a better, frozen crystalline structure, than your snowflake.

It is pure and it is good.

Believe in my snowflake. See, I have it right here in my hannnnd,  ahhhh shit.

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