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Taking it to extremes.

March 6, 2016

Are you tired of the following phrase?

Most powerful man/office in the world

Potus. Really?

How could someone so beholden to so many different people,  groups, ideas, corporate interests, military industrial complexes, taxes,  the media, their children,  their spouse,  perceptions, misperceptions, reputations, traditions,  future, past, present, weather,  catastrophes,  pandemics,  race, sex, culture,  religions, ethics, laws, truths, lies, diet, exercise have any power at all?

Do you really think that a puppet with that many strings attached has any power whatsoever, without one pulling in one direction and almost immediately another pulling in another direction?

To me, the most powerful person / entity on the planet would be a teacher. One that could guide and enlighten without punishing and leading the student to learn by letting it be their idea.

“Supreme ”  court . That’s not working either.

Supreme is derivative of superiority and that is simply not helping our collective evolution.

Also,  the notion of court is also going to the wayside too. Since that is a venue of “legal” matters. Declaring something to be illegal has never prevented a reoccurrence of an unwanted act or behavior.

How about a Fair Gathering

Friendly And Inclusively Reasonable

Goodness And Talent Helping Everyone Re-evolve Into Natural Greatness.


Changing it up, we could replace the “court” with 12 healers and teachers.

6 females 6 males, including one of each transgender

12 different races,  representing 12 different belief rationales.

Yes 12, wouldn’t need a tie breaker, if people were reasonable. Besides none of it, of course, would be  set up to punish, but heal and enlighten.

Otherwise,  this myopic view of “Supreme”  leads to;

It’s my way, or the highway.

Never mind,  I chose the highway.

I’m just throwing this mind litter out of the window should anyone randomly pick it up for their perusal and either put it to good use or deposit it properly in the nearest landfill.

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