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Constipation Period

March 6, 2016

A questionable sentence.

We can’t have a female president,  they have “periods”.

What a bloody shitty notion about not having a female Potus.

While maybe not on consecutive days, there are times each month when the “flow” of my colon is a bit restricted,  and my temperament is not exactly all sunshine and daisies either. Granted, I’m not running for president though.

I guess if “periods” are some people’s sexist reasoning for not having a female Potus, then the only other logical criteria for having a male president is that he gets elected for the amount of fiber he has in his diet.

Otherwise,  if his finger is on the “nuclear” button and he is not “regular” we all could be in trouble.

Quick, let’s get a “broad” in there, immediately. I mean that in the nicest possible Archie Bunker-esque way.

I know, according to some dictionaries “broad” might seem derogatory,  however I’d like to think it as positive and not subjected to the predominantly masculine presence of the letters used in the description of the words: female, she and women.

Besides, as much as I’d probably like not to admit it, women, females, hmmmm, bipedal egg producing mammalian earthlings, seem to be a lot better at multitasking,  are better with compassion and empathy and certainly “broads” have much better memories, are more creative and nurturing.

See, more obnoxious written inspiration, divine inspiration would have edited the above to say the same thing in a more effective,  kinder, cleaner, less sexist way to make such an enlightened post that men all over America would drop that first line, not only from their thinking, but from the depths of their soul.

Happy Voting.

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