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My “protest” would “stink”

March 18, 2016

Who forgot to put on deodorant today?……. Don’t raise your hand.  George Carlin

Post-sale marketing, of a bizarre kind.

The following words are found on a container of deodorant. On the “back”, for if it was on the “front” it would not be bought.

Contains odor-fighting “Atomic robots” that “shoot lasers” at your “stench monsters ” and replaces them with,  clean, masculine “scent elves”.

If this wasn’t a product,  I was already using, it would be the last one I’d pick up,  thinking it must not work very well,  since the message that conveys, is that it is meant for 7 year old’s.

I’d give them a “plug”, however,  am embarrassed it is even at my house.  I could protest by not buying it, yet who’d lose out?  Not me, but those around me.

Aa my “protest” would “stink”.

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