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March 21, 2016

Not me, I want to live in a mind your own business neighborhood.

I mean completely mind your own business with a lazer focus down to the minutest of details.  Keeping in mind, I’ll be doing the same. In other words, behaving like a good neighbor for you too.

So much so, that I will give you absolutely no reason to concern yourself with me or my families affairs.

What a perfect world,  that would be, if everyone was so intently focused on their own behavior,  modifying it themselves,  in a way that if they saw somebody else behave in a way that mirrored their own bad behavior they do not like,  that they immediately saw the connection and altered their own, as a way of behaving so as not to be bothered by what someone else did that they do not like.

Kind of like removing the plank from your own eye before helping someone remove the speck from theirs.

Or, putting on your oxygen mask on before assisting others.

Otherwise, it is just inviting an atmosphere of big brother, that is not brought down on the masses from the top, but rather everybody and their brother being so distracted by concerning themselves with what their neighbors are doing.

They miss the elite taking their money to the bank, and wreaking havoc on people’s lives simply because they are so easily distracted.

Which “neighbor” includes other countries as essentially they are our neighbors and we should stop poking our “nose” in their affairs.

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