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Why are we here?

April 9, 2016


Questions are a burden

And answers are a prison for oneself.

Iron Maiden


Here Now?

Who’s to say we are?

What is to say when?

Where are we what?

What are we how?

Where is here?

When is now?

How are we where?

When is to say how?

How are we who?

Why are we when?

Who are we how?

The breakdown.

Here Now?

Here?  Either in location?  As in Earth? Or would that be “on” Earth ? Could that be the “here”?, or “here” as in “this” “moment” ?

Which would be gone already,  both by location,  as in a micro-millisecond  (the planet is moving), can’t tell, though,  can we?

Wait………, stop,  for a second,………(oh shit, that’s impossible)……..make it a moment……, it’s / its coming……damn, it is gone now.

Well,  for just that moment,  I “felt” being in a place, for the indescribable micro mini moment of a being, while being in a place, in a building,  on the ground and partially in the ground, above more ground, filled with all kinds of living, dying, birthing and decaying “Earth” stuff, (shit, I guess, it is all Earth ‘stuff”) above some hot molten other stuff, all the way to the other side of the sphere,  to more solid stuff, discovering rather, “instantly”, (hahahaha)(yeah right)(where’d that go?), moving un calcuabaly fast through “space”.

Where did that moment go? It was here, just a moment ago.

No wonder, we can’t answer that question “Why are we here?” The answer is gone before it gets here……

I was going to “play” with breaking down all the rest of those questioning questions,  but my head is ready to explode. Actually I did, but that moment went by waaaay to quickly for me to type it all out.

Enjoy your “moments”.

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