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Making America Great Again

April 21, 2016

Suspect phrase,  needs to be rethought.
As I strive to give it an enlightening rake over the coals.

Bear with me here. The trouble with the phrase in its entirety is the suggestion of visiting a time in the past that must have been perceived as something better than it is now.

The downside of that is,  by going back and experiencing “good times” only means to get to this moment will be a repetition of things that made the present “not so great “.

How about,  “Let’s make life on this planet as peaceful as possible for all, at all times, regardless of geographical location,  belief systems, skin color, sexuality,  income,  etcetera. ”

Oops,  can’t do that, there is no shifting of wealth to the wealthy,  if we all got along and realized we are all one in the first place.


What if the good old days are just the shitty ones remembered differently?

Personally,  I can’t think of a better time to be alive,  then right now.

That’s the convenience of being conveniently and willfully unaware, to mindlessly lead people with a slogan, that if given any real thought, makes no sense.

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