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Protect Children

May 2, 2016

By not having any, is the best protection of children.

Early realization,  parents had no clue.

Why would I?

Besides, I’m not sure that my perfunctory parents could have communicated any more clearly, their palpable pile of rancor regret, for their offspring, than advocating in a myriad of effective, direct or subterfuge ways, not to have any of their own.

Religion?  To what end, don’t believe,  would be unfair to indoctrinate a child with irrational unfounded beliefs.

Simply because the baby bipedal being,  popped out in one geographical location, instead of another.

It is a viciously cruel way, to take an (as close as possible to a god like entity) innocent child,  fill with notions that by linguistic and cultural nature, separate him or herself from other god like beings.

All because the “parents” of that god like creature filled it with an opposing set of beliefs ‘s just because they knew no better themselves, but was easier to go along, then transform.

Plus, using the birth of a teacher, to create a secondary imaginary tool of manipulation and control.

Santa Claus is watching, you better behave. What, if at all does that have anything to do with Jesus?

Barely responsible for self, would be completely irresponsible to be responsible for another.

Especially the pristine like clean slate newbie information sponge like qualities those grand babies have.  Just writing this post should get me excluded from biological parenthood.  Let alone “mistakenly” impregnate someone.

Protect children, to avoid,

Being bullied or bullying.

Parental corporal punishment .

Educators corporal punishment.

Lying,  by parents answering unanswerable questions as if they know.

Dumping diapers, into landfills or oceans from industries and blatant consumerism, that is choking them out by having them.

Doug Stanhope from Oslo- Burning the bridges to nowhere.

Not having babies is good for the environment, //It’s all about the environment. Lots of stringent rules and regulations about recycling. 

How many babies can you have?  As many as you want?  Then all the other shit is pointless. 

Every time you have a kid, not only are you f’ing up the environment,  you devaluing humanity. Humanity is no different than any other commodity, where the more you have, the less it is worth. 

There are no discernable or perceived educational improvements.  Beyond systematic forwarding. Quicker with less education. En masse.

George Carlin bit dumb Americans

There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason it will never, ever,  EVER be fixed.

It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got.

They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests.

Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that.

Avoid torture of children.

Circumcision is genital mutilation, besides the voodoo MOJO shit, chosen people notion of having part of your dick cut off.

The following is by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Having done hundreds of circumcisions in the past, I know first hand how painful (and sometimes dangerous) the procedure can be. It is also completely unnecessary.

A growing movement across the planet (including people from all faiths) is recognizing the psychological and physiologic damage done to boys from this procedure and trying to reverse the current thinking.

– See more at:

After, an alleged mom, (you’ll realize why I put alleged) described to me how a doctor strapped her first son to a board, to mutilate his genitals, and he cried horrifically in pain,  that she would and did have it done again on another son,  her answer was,  well, it probably didn’t hurt “that” bad. That is certainly an archetype example of cognitive dissonance.

Can you really be a “mom” in any true sense of the word, if you can pay someone to torture your offspring?  Once that awareness has been brought to your attention.

The alleged dads seem willing to go along with the torture cause they want their son to “look” like themselves. Who the fuck cares, and shallowness of ego that represents.

Wouldn’t it be better, the son be grateful for not being mutilated because god and the medical establishment “says” it’s a good idea.

Post pause perception pontificating paradigm shifting.

If I’m here now, then, must have been here before and will be again.

Two future conversations, both possible.

Hey,  shit head,  what deal, similar peeps?

If you mean your eyes, I  think your my son, stop asking so many questions.

Wait, 1 mo.

Why wee wee, different ?



What do you want, the non newspeak answer?  

Plus good.

Ok,  in the age of selflessness (no concern for self, only the corporments [corporate governments]),  everything revolved around doing things for “children”, tax breaks for having them, no education for not having them, etc.

Anyway, there were so many here, there still wasn’t enough to process them,  so after your mom had you, you were placed on a conveyor belt given some liquid nutrients then passed through the robotic circumcision machine, which unfortunately was poorly maintained and cut a little more off than your foreskin.

Fortunately,  since we didn’t have enough money to care for you in the first place, we sued the corporment, and they handed over enough money to get through the first year,  besides, with all the medical advancements,  you should only have to pee sitting down for about six more months.

Double plus ungood.


Via mouth less thought transfer, levitating above green grass in the shade of an oak tree.

Excuse me father,  I am grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom you have presented to me thus far.  Giving me the opportunity to strengthen and utilize all my potential.

I noticed recently,  how similar our bodies are, like our eyes, nose, even the chin dimple, all very identically close, except for our liquid waste and reproductive organ is different.  How is that so?

Well son, I was growing up in the age of neo enlightenment,  where the inhabitants of earth were at the crossroads of destroying their entire home, an awareness transformed the population from mindless ignorance to conscious awareness.

Before we got in touch with our brain / heart connection potential,  there were internet web blogs, where creative beings shared enlightened awareness.

Humanity turned away from self destruction and chose a better way. Realizing that we are all apart of a greater consciousness and that the true self, never ceases to exist,  and to use each incarnation wisely by learning from each previous lifetime.

Anyway, when my parents had me, the awareness had not taken place yet, a cruel and unconscious system was in place that made them believe it was acceptable to alter my body,  because an illusionary being, that a ficticious book was based on, plus a greedy medical industrial complex “said” it was necessary. 

So when your mother and I got in touch with our place in this multiverse, we knew that we’d be in a place to best help you on your journey through this incarnation. 

Thanks dad, I now actually remember that conversation we had had in the spirit realm. I love you. (Double plus good).

Whew, there is a grandiose taste of ego for you.

Neither of which, was any conversation I wanted to have, so I made it so I didn’t have to.

Back to my rant.
I say alleged on both counts as once a being has become aware the harm they are causing as a parent, and something different is not done, the parent is repeating unnecessary mistakes, through mindlessness and ignorance

Inoculations unnecessarily required.

I realize this story is Monday morning quarterbacking. However, Polio as I understand,  it was on its way out, as the innoculations began.   Yet, since the hysteria reached its peak, every child was vaccinated, and still is.

So, now, because every time the collective says “boo”, “harm” might come to your child, the pharmaceutical industry can cash in on fear and weaken the overall immune system of the populace.

Google Felitemit babies, there’s a snake eyes roll of the dice. Keep up the  innoculations, so your child can be a guinea pig or lab rat for the medical and legal establishments bottom line.

It is said,  that when the student is ready,  the teacher appears.

After writing this, realized, this is just me trying to protect myself by doling out “useless” advice to back up and “protect” myself.

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  1. Actually, this is not useless at all. Your words. Not mine. I think this is a superb post. If people worried more about enlightenment this world might just be a great place.

    I have no children of my own, not by choice but because of choices I made which damaged my body. My parents were worried about more important things than enlightening their children about choices.

    I would never make the choice to circumcise. We bitch and raise hell about girls being circumcised yet we do it to boys in the name of religion. Doesn’t it say in that Bible that we are created in God’s likeness? If He is God and all the crap that goes along with being God, then what? He made a mistake regarding the penis or there was an issue with quality control?

    I love reading your blog. If I annoy you then feel free to hit that little “block” button. I have lived in other countries and experienced different cultures. Do you think there is a possibility that part of the whole circumcision thing could have anything to do with how ugly we have made sex in this country? Follow my distorted thinking for a second. New baby boy. Enlightened mom. No circumcision. A tiny bit more goes into cleaning a penis which has not been butchered. One day, perfect baby with perfect penis gets a stiffy while mommy is bathing him. American mom now spends the rest of her days either afraid she has molested her son or is accused of molestation after plastering the story on all social media OR is completely freaked because our childhood sex education left us thinking it was dirty unless ordained by God. Or am I past the point of any/all rational thought?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for all your thought out, enlightening replies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My pleasure and I don’t say it if I don’t mean it. Sadly, I was raised by an oppressed mother suffering from a mental illness not under control and a non-existent support system until age 12 and a father who stood proud and firm in defense of corporate America. I was taught that ALL adults are absolute authority until you reach that magical birthday which declares you an adult, ready or not, and NEVER question authority. Did Emily Post come up with that load of crap?
        At almost 54, I am working hard to change the way I think and thankfully, I already love hearing ideas and opinions from everyone. I am not stuck on the my way or the highway load of crap mindset. You have a gift that money can’t buy. The way your mind works is priceless. Literally. Those of us struggling with rigidity of the brain can only dream of a brain like yours! I bet your wife is never bored during a conversation with you. My husband speaks to me of mile markers, truck stop buffets and delivery times. Wait, that could say more about me than it does him!

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